NYSALM Committees

NYSALM’s committees allow us to accomplish a wide variety of functions.  We are always looking for new members, and you do not need to be a board member to join!  Please contact the chair listed on the committee’s page if you are interested in joining..


Communications Committee

Communications Committee is responsible for maintaining NYSALM’s website, updating our social media, circulating information to members and legislators, and monitoring NYSALM’s phone and email.


  • Rachel Ritter, Chair
  • Pat Burkhardt
  • Alice Gilgoff
  • Laura Hollywood
  • Karen Jefferson
  • Karen Kelly
  • Nancy Kraus
  • Caitlin Legros
  • Susan Schmidt

Contact: Rachel at rachelrittercm@gmail.com


Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Diversity and Inclusion is a new NYSALM initiative with the mission of encouraging diversity in midwifery education, discourse, and practice to strengthen and expand the relevance of midwifery in all of society.


  • Merv Pierre, Co-Chair
  • Rachel Ritter, Co-Chair
  • Maria Luisa Mendoza
  • Malaika A. Miller
  • Jennifer Johnson
  • Saidah Haziz-Ramadhan
  • Paul Quinn

Contact: Rachel at rachelrittercm@gmail.com


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for maintaining and examining the finances of NYSALM. The Committee works to determine budgets for committees, special projects, and the organization as a whole, as well as planning fundraising when necessary and long-term financial planning.


  • Ann Visser, Chair
  • Pat Burkhardt, NYSALM Treasurer
  • Lily Dalke, Former NYSALM Treasurer
  • MaryAnne Laffin
  • Ashley Meccariello
  • Karen Jefferson, member ex officio

Contact: Please contact Ann at amvcnm@gmail.com if you are seeking the budget itself, the financial audit, or other documents not listed here.

Forms and Documents:


IMPACT Committee

IMPACT Committee works to promote awareness of NYS midwifery licensure, scope of practice, and education requirements, among the NYS healthcare community. This will benefit midwives as they pursue employment, privileging, and credentialing. The initial focus of this committee will include the education of midwives, midwifery employers, hospital staff and other relevant stakeholders.


  • Lily Dalke, Chair
  • Karen Jefferson, Ex Officio
  • Jackie Candido
  • Karen Johnson-Feltham
  • Rachel Ritter

Contact: Lily at lily.dalke@gmail.com

Documents of interest:

Insurance Committee

Insurance Committee is a new committee working to facilitate midwives' relations with insurance providers. This includes identifying a variety of barriers to reimbursement and working to overcome them. The Insurance Committee is also developing a database of New York insurance providers and their policies, midwifery participation, and reimbursement.


  • Beth Cooper, Chair
  • Linda Lovig

Contact: Beth at ecooper736@aol.com


Legislative Committee

Legislative Committee organizes NYSALM’s annual Lobby Day in Albany, when midwives and midwifery allies meet with legislators to lobby for (or against) bills relevant to midwifery and women’s health.


  • Chair
  • Connie Coker
  • Pat Burkhardt
  • Karen Jefferson
  • Nancy Kraus
Membership Committee

Membership Committee maintains a list of NYSALM members, communicates with members who do not have email addresses, sends welcome emails to new NYSALM members, and plans for membership engagement.


  • Trinisha Williams, Chair
  • Claudia Gersten
  • Alice Gilgoff
  • Jennifer Kittell
  • Malaika Miller
  • Alexandra Preefer
  • Jenney Stringer

Contact: Trinisha at trinishac@yahoo.com


Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee is responsible for finding nominees who are interested in being elected to the NYSALM board and other positions within the organization.


  • Mimi Niles, Chair
  • Pat Burkhardt


Program Committee

Program Committee schedules and organizes events, meetings, education sessions and social gatherings for NYSALM. This includes the Annual Meeting, our annual dinner before Lobby Day, and special events.


  • Susanrachel Condon, Chair
  • Rachel Ritter, Vice Chair

Contact: Susanrachel at susanrachel.condon@gmail.com


Quality Assurance Committee

Quality Assurance Committee works to improve midwifery practice.  At this time, the efforts of this committee are focused on the Home Birth Integration Initiative.  This initiative published guidelines for home birth practice in 2015 and is currently working to improve transfers from home to hospital.

Members (Home Birth Integration Initiative):

  • Kate T. Finn, Chair
  • Susanrachel Condon
  • K. Michelle Doyle
  • Karen Jefferson
  • Khristeena Kingsley
  • Umaimah Mahmud-Thiam

Contact: Kate at midwifinn@gmail.com