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39F72F69-CD92-4769-8FF4-80368CBD201C_webNYSALM Phone: 518-852-7965

Executive Officers and Regional Representatives to the NYSALM Board of Directors:

President: Karen Jefferson, (Brooklyn, NY; 2015-2017)
Vice President: Sascha James Conterelli, (NYC Region: Brooklyn, NY; 2017-2019)
Treasurer: Pat Burkhardt, (NYC Region: Brooklyn, NY; 2017-2019)
Secretary: Mimi Niles, (NYC Region; Brooklyn, NY; 2017-2019)

Northeast Region Reps:

Rep: Claudia Gersten, (Queensbury, NY; 2015-2017)
Alternate: K. Michelle Doyle, (Troy, NY; 2015-2017)

Hudson Valley Reps:

Rep: Susanrachel “Birdie” Condon, (Gardiner, NY; 2015-2017)
Alternate: Alice Gilgoff, (Rosendale, NY; 2015-2017)

New York City Reps:

Rep: Trinisha Williams, (NYC Region, Brooklyn, NY; 2017-2019)
Rep: Anne Gibeau, (NYC Region: 2017-2019)
Alternate: Malaika Miller, (NYC Region: 2017-2019)

Midstate Reps:

Rep: Julie Carlson, (Midstate Region: Hamilton, NY; 2017-2019)
Alternate: Linda Lovig, (Midstate Region: Rochester, NY; 2017-2019)

Western Reps:

Rep: Sharon Nisengard, (Western Region: Buffalo, NY; 2015-2017)
Alternate: Caitlin LeGros, (Western Region: Rochester, NY; 2017-2019)

Long Island Reps:

Rep: Ann Visser, (Long Island Region: Smithtown, NY; 2012-2014; 2015-2017)
Alternate: Eva Falkner, (Long Island Region: Yaphank, NY; 2016-2018)

Student Representatives:

Rep: Position vacant! Contact Karen at if you are interested.

NYSALM members serving as representatives to other organizations:

Alice Gilgoff to the NY Statewide Breastfeeding Coalition (
Sascha Conterelli to the NY State Perinatal Association (NYSPA) (

NYSALM Lobbyist:

Greenberg Traurig, 54 State St, Albany NY (
A list of former board members can be accessed here.