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    About Us

    New York State Association of Licensed Midwives (NYSALM): The Voice of Midwives in New York State

    We are a group of practicing Licensed Midwives from every part of the state of New York who came together in 2000 to create an organization that would meet the needs of midwives practicing in every type of practice setting. We wanted to create an organization that could speak with one voice to legislators, to managed care organizations, and to other professionals, dealing with the issues which are unique to midwives in this state under our practice act.

    Our Mission

    To promote the health and well-being of women and infants through midwifery care
    To facilitate the professional practice of Licensed Midwives in the State of New York
    To encourage and maintain collegial relationships with healthcare providers, institutions, and organizations

    Our Objectives

    To improve statewide communications among Licensed Midwives

    To remove barriers to midwifery practice and to improve consumer access to midwifery care

    To affect state-wide legislation and regulation

    To promote midwifery education, clinical practice and research

    To promote quality midwifery care throughout the state

    To enhance public relations for licensed midwifery practice

    To provide consultation and advice for association members

    To convene an annual meeting of all midwives in the State of New York for the purpose of political activity, education and support