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Ask HealthQuest Systems to Grant Community Midwives Admitting Privileges at Their Hospitals

"In spite of the increasing demand for midwifery services both in and out of hospitals, Health Quest has declined to respond to midwives' requests for admitting privileges. Granting community midwives such privileges would enhance continuity of care, reduce the burden on hospital staff while bringing business to the hospital, and would enhance safety by reducing delays which may occur during transfers of care."

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NYSALM Exhibits at ACOG District II Meeting!
Nancy Kraus, NYSALM President Pat Burkhardt, Maria Fisher, and Anne Gibeau staffed our booth:

Pat Burkhardt with ACOG President Dr. John Jennings:

Pat Burkhardt with previous ACOG President Dr. Richard Waldman:

New Study Finds Birth Centers and Midwives to be Cost-Effective

The study found that Medicaid would save approximately $1,163 per birth with birth center care. Read the full article here.

Want to get more involved with NYSALM?

Consider joining a committee! All of our committees are looking for new members.  Meetings are by telephone conference call.  For more information on our committees, including who to contact to get involved, please visit the Members Only section.

Two new books published by New York State midwives in 2013!

Sakina O'Uhuru, LM, published Journey to Birth: The Story of a Midwife's Journey and a Reflection of the Heroic Women She Served Along the Way. Sakina writes, "This book is about my life journey as a home-birth midwife. It includes the many home births I attended during my sixteen years as a practitioner, with particular attention to the last ten years. During this journey, I have learned a myriad of life lessons. Most of them strengthened me and my ability to continue on this path. There were incredible challenges, both joyful and painful. The most challenging lessons happened to be the most life-changing and transformative. Those lessons impacted my life tremendously, first as a woman, second as a mother and grandmother, and most assertively as a basic human being." 

Ellen Cohen, LM published Laboring: Stories of a New York City Hospital MidwifeEllen writes, "This book was written in hopes of promoting the midwifery model of providing safe, respectful and empowering care to every woman in the often challenging environment of hospital practices." For a wonderful review of Ellen's book, please visit NYSALM's blog.

New International Confederation of Midwives representative from Puerto Rico

Frances Ganges, newly named Chief Executive of the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM), sent the following message after a conversation with Dorothea Lang, who represents ICM at the UN:

I just spoke with Dorothea and she asked me to let you know that Irene De La Torre (head of the program in Puerto Rico) is now the new ICM Board member for North America and The Caribbean! We are very excited. Please see the news item on the ICM website (home page near bottom).

Barriers to practice?

Are you a midwife who is experiencing obstacles to practice? Are you a consumer who is experiencing obstacles to working with the midwife of your choice?

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New study released about benefits of midwifery care

As health care costs and the rate of cesarean births for expecting mothers have escalated over the past two decades in the United States, a new study shows that women who receive care at midwife-led birth centers incur lower medical costs and are less likely to have cesarean births compared to women who give birth at hospitals. For ACNM's press release, visit this link.

Our Moment of Truth: a new understanding of midwifery care

ACNM's new website to learn more about modern midwifery. 

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Save the Date: NYSALM Annual Meeting 2014!

This year's annual meeting will be held on December 8 in Nyack, NY, from 12-4 pm.  The meeting and luncheon will take place first, followed by a Bollywood Dance Class!  Please register here by November 15.

NY Midwives Celebrate The Season In Style!
Check out these great Call the Midwife costumes from 4 New York Midwives (Olive Crone, Martha Roth, Neila Smith-Dorfman, and Connie Coker), a student midwife (Janis Gildin) and an RN (Jane Cronin) who marched in Nyack's Halloween parade!

The Lancet publishes new series on Midwifery!

The series launched on Monday, June 23 and is available here

ACNM Launches BirthTOOLS

The ACNM recently launched BirthTOOLS (Tools for Optimizing the Outcomes of Labor Safely), a new collection of resources for supporting and promoting physiologic birth. Check it out!

Lobby Day 2014 Summary
By Connie Coker, LM

NYSALM went to Albany for Lobby Day, April 29, 2014 with 50  midwives and student midwives visiting 41 Legislators. 22 Assemblymembers and 19 Senators  heard about the value of Midwives and the recently introduced Birth Center Bill, A9398/S7121. This Bill allows birth centers to be owned and operated by Licensed Midwives with no requirement for a physician director.  This bill was introduced by Assemblymember Richard Gottfried on April 25, 2014 and after our visit with him on Lobby Day, Sen Kemp Hannon introduced it in the Senate.

The Boardmembers of NYSALM very much appreciate that 7 NYU students, 16 SUNY Downstate students and 10 Columbia students joined 17 Licensed Midwives in Albany.  The students were active participants and made a huge contribution to the lobbying efforts. We know everyone is very busy and acknowledge their commitment to midwifery.

The day started with greetings from Assemblymember RichardGottfried , Chair Health Comm.  He talked about his support of the midwifery model of care and that he sponsored the Birth Center Bill to increase the availability of midwife-provided quality, safe and affordable care to pregnant women.

NYSALM then presented Assemblymember Ellen Jaffee with an award for her outstanding contribution to women’s issues and support of midwifery in New York State.  She was a sponsor ofthe Midwifery Modernization Act and she announced that she would also co-sponsor the Birth Center Bill. 
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The midwives and students visited many Legislative leaders 

      Assy Health Committee Chair Richard Gottfried
      Assy Insurance Committee Chair Kevin Cahill
      Assy Higher Education Committee Chair Deborah Glick
      Assy Education Committee Chair Catherine Nolan
      Assy Speaker Sheldon Silver
      Assy Deputy Speaker Earlene Hooper
      Senate Health Committee Chair Hemp Hannon
      Senate Higher Education Committee Chair Kenneth LaValle
      Senate Education Committee Chair John Flanagan

      Senate Labor Committee Chair Diane Savino
      Senate Insurance Committee Chair James Sewart
      Senate Democratic Conference Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins

NYSALM will continue to organize an annual Lobby Day because it is critically important that policymakers understand the contribution that Licensed Midwives make to the health and wellbeing of women and their families.

New season of "Call the Midwife" kicks off!

Nancy Kraus, LM reviews the season premiere in NYSALM's blog.

Check out this video of the cast's 2013 visit to NYC and see if you can spot Nancy and other NY midwives in the audience!